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  • ProJoint™ V75-WT™ used on reclaimed French cobbles

    The team at Nexus received call from a client who was importing thousands of reclaimed ancient cobbles from France to be used on a driveway area of approximately 300m2. He had been recommended to point the attractive 140x190mm cobbles with ProJointTM V75-WTTM, so our technical team worked with him to ensure the best possible results were achieved.

    The transaction was completed through a Nexus stockist and the end result looks fabulous!

Our thanks to Mr Yates for allowing us to use these images.
V75 RHS Tatton
Case Study: ProJoint™ V75-WT™ featured in RHS winning garden!

We were delighted to congratulate one of our landscaping customers Concept Landscapes on their involvement with the gold medal winning garden

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V35 on sawn tallow
Case Study: ProJoint™ V35-UV™ selected for sawn tallow paving

Pete Gregory Landscapes selects ProJoint™ V35-UV™ on a recent project

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DriveDash promoblock Evergreen
DriveDash® used in stunning garden redesign

Evergreen Services selected the golden DriveDash® aggregate in a recent garden redesign

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Steve Sykes Drive
Case Study: DriveDash® enjoys fabulous views in Kirklees

The home owner was delighted with the end result of our recent DriveDash® project – and so are we!

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