Matrix™ involves a resin and hardener component which are mixed together and then mixed with dried aggregate in a forced action mixer. Once the aggregate is fully coated by the resin it is trowelled and floated out on the surface to a 15mm thick layer based on normal traffic loading. Before the resin bound gravel has cured a fine aggregate can be dusted over the area to create a non-slip surface.

The following diagram shows a cross section of the Matrix™ system:

Resin, hardener and aggregateare mixed Mixture is spread over the
prepared surface
Surface is trowelled smooth and
left to cure
Full product information on the Scatter™ system is shown in page 42.

A heavy duty aluminium edging restraint can be supplied for the resin bound gravel system and is supplied straight or notched out for creating curves. The edging is pre drilled for fixing down to the surface and speeds up installation and can be used to border different aggregate colours.