Nexus Bedding mortar is a very high strength ready-to-use mortar for bedding concrete and stone paving slabs and setts.

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The system is suitable for both pedestrian or vehicular trafficked areas and complies with Highways Specification for Highway Works Clause 2601 in full and BS7533. The mortar has a fast and very high cure strength making it perfectly suited to streetscape projects. It is non-shrink and has very high adhesive qualities even on non porous surfaces such as granite. A cementitous jointing mortar is also supplied for large schemes as well as surface primers for special applications. Contact us for further information, specification and a quotation.
  • Very high cure strength (55N/mm2)

  • Fast curing for quick trafficking

  • Ready to use single pack system

  • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw

  • Non shrink

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Very consistent and easy to work with

Technical Information

Flexural Strength BS6319 Pt 3 5.6 N/mm2
Tensile Strength BS6319 Pt7 3.1 N/mm2
Slant Shear Bond Strength BS6319 Pt 4 Approx. 4.5 N/mm2
Compressive Strength BS 1881 Pt 116 1 day 40 N/mm2
7 days 45 N/mm2
28 days 55 N/mm2
Shrinkage Specimen did not crack (Coutinho Ring Test)
Yield per 25 Kg Pack 13.0 Litres Approx.
Freeze/Thaw Resistance Excellent
Resistance to de-icing salts Good to Excellent
Heat Resistance Tolerates steam cleaning
Application Temperature Range 5°C - 35°C
Cure Before Stress 24 hours
Approx. Vehicular Trafficking Times Summer >15°C 1-2 days
Winter >5°C 3-5 days
Minimum/Maximum Bedding Thickness 20-75mm (detailed by specification)