Permeable: a professional paving and patio grout ideal for pointing paving slabs

The professional solution to filling joints between and pointing paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving. It offers a fantastic solution to the age old problem of jointing between paving slabs and setts on driveways and all other paving areas. It forms a very strong, weed free, frost and pressure washer resistant joint suitable for domestic vehicle loads of up to 3 tonnes. The two part resin system is easily mixed and quickly applied to damp paving so you don't have to wait for perfect weather to complete the job, saving you time and money.

  • Two part resin based mortar system, cement free
  • Light to medium traffic loads up to 3 tonnes, ideal for driveways, patios & paths
  • Applied to wet surfaces
  • Self compacting and suitable for joint widths from 5mm upwards
  • Professional results: No mess, and no returning for cleaning once the job is complete.
  • Easy: No more bending and much less effort for those pointing paving slabs or patios.
  • Available in Neutral and Granite Grey colours with perfect colour matching each time.

permeable product

permeable product application prepare paving permeable product application mix the solution permeable product application pointing around the paving slabs
permeable product application making sure all surfaces are covered permeable product application sweeping excess away permeable product application completed the pointing paving slabs


case study image of drivedash driveway

Our products have been very sucessful, but donít take our word for it! Over the years our products and services have been reviewed by customers that have used our services.

"We should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your immense help in the selection of Nexus permeable grout. It did a most beautiful job and we will use this from now on with any flagging we undertake. Look forward to dealing with you again in the not too distant future."