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ProJointTM resin pointing vs traditional mortar pointing

Here is an outline of the 7 most important advantages of using ProJointTM over against traditional sand and cement mortar pointing in paving joints:
  • Speed & Efficiency - Reduces labour time and therefore cost.
  • Ease of use- Doesn't require skilled or expensive labour and no more kneeling or bending.
  • High strength - Epoxy resin products suitable for medium to heavy traffic loads.
  • Frost resistance - Very frost resistant and resistant to extreme changes in temperature
  • Weather during application - Fast to use so only a short window of opportunity required and being applied to damp paving means that inclement weather is not a problem. Products in the specialist range are water tolerant so that it can be carried out in rain to a degree. Application temperatures from 0°C to +30°C possible and will not develop cracks like sand and cement due to drying out too quickly in the sun.
  • Longevity - Designed to outlast traditional mortar and de-icing salt, pressure washer and sweeper resistant.
  • Professional - Consistent results can be obtained very easily every time with correct colour matching and finish. No cement staining and no returning for cleaning once the job is complete!

ProJoint™ Products:


ProJoint Fusion   ProJoint V35- UV
The quick and easy solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and
concrete paving. So simple to use, ProJoint™ Fusion™ allows an untrained hand to consistently deliver perfect
joints every time - whatever the weather!
  A very advanced but easy to use system which is designed for sensitive and expensive stone. It is a one-part PU resin system which is 100% UV stable. Long workability time suitable for narrow joints and hot weather. Suitable for vehicle traffic up to 3.5 tonnes and has water tolerance.
ProJoint V75-WT   ProJoint V400-WT
A 2-part epoxy resin system applied as a slurry to dampened paving. High cure strength suitable for vehicle traffic up to 7.5 tonnes. Increased water tolerance for use in damp conditions.   Very similar to the V75-WT™ but ultra high cure strength for vehicle traffic up to 40 tonnes. Increased water tolerance for use in damp conditions. Ultimate strength system.
ProJoint V75-WT   ProJoint V400-WT
The ProJoint™ PORCELAIN™ Primer is an ultra-high polymer and fibre modified flexible waterproofing
primer with excellent workability and adhesion properties.
  Specially formulated for porcelain paving ProJoint™ PORCELAIN™ Grout has been developed for joint
widths of 2-20mm. Ideal for internal and external use.